Members Exhibiting

One of our members, Lucinda Rendall, has an exhibition coming up at Pelham House from 24th June. Lucinda says of herself and work:

I have lived virtually all my life in the Lewes area and have always been interested in drawing and painting. 

My exhibition is called ‘Catch of the Day’. I will be showing a series of paintings of Fishermen, Fishmongers and Chef’s at work.
Until recently, our son was a chef for several years at Pelham House and I was allowed to visit the kitchens to make studies of the chefs at work. A few months later I was on holiday in Split in Croatia. There was a wonderful fish market there and again, I made many sketches and took photographs of this exciting and busy environment. I am now working on a series of paintings of Fishermen.


Many other members of The Lots Road Group also exhibit frequently throughout London and the UK. One of whom is Sarah Jane Moon who will be exhibiting in both the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries (18th – 27th June) and the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Exhibition at Piano Nobile Kings Place (10th July through until the beginning of October).

Please keep an eye on the blog for further updates about our members.

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