Buying An Artwork

If you would like to commission a portrait – or buy a piece of figurative art – from one of the members of the Lots Road Group of artists, you can see their work on their websites and/or contact them individually by email.


Alla Broeksmit       

Martin Burrough  

Nichola Collins     

Katherine Firth    

Christine Klein     

Sharon Low           

Viviana Macchi     

Sarah Jane Moon 

Hilary Puxley        

Colleen Quill          

Lucinda Rendall    

Sarah Reynolds     

Sarah Richardson 

Elizabeth Shields  

Mark Stevenson    

Stella Tooth            


Commissioning a portrait

Prices vary for a medium sized portrait, according to whether it is head, head and shoulders, waist up, three quarters or full length.  It also depends on whether it is an acrylic or oil painting, executed in pastel, a print or a drawing – and how many people are to be depicted.

Some artists work only from life (with up to six morning or afternoon sittings required in your home or in their studios) some from a combination of life and photographs.  Prices are tailored to individual needs and the process is a collaboration between artist and sitter. Typically a head in oil or acrylic might start from £600 and prices rise to around £4,000.


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